The Japan Canada Society of Shonan

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 2003年までの活動記録  Activities until 2004


1987年 (昭和62年)

  12月2日 Dec.2, 1987


Twin city agreement between Fujisawa and Windsor was signed.  After the ceremony, Honorable Mayor of Windsor and other 12 visitors enjoyed themselves to see tea ceremony and Japanese traditional music at Yugyouji Temple.

提携に至った発端は両市の美容師仲間、高橋氏とタンブリーニ氏の交流でこれが市民同士の交流へと発展し、 1984年には両市の市長がお互いの相手の市を訪問するなどした上で提携となりました。
Origin of the agreement was an intimate association of two hairdressors from each cities,
i.e Messrs S.Takahashi and  E. Tamblini.  The circle of the friendship was expanded to include citizens of both cities and finally Mayors of both cities visited counterpart city in 1984.  This became to lead the agreement.


1988年 (昭和63年)


Soccer team was sent to the twin city tournament game in July 1988.


1989年 (平成元年)


市民訪問団13名がウィンザーを訪問、カナダ西部地方も観光旅行しました。 そして、旅行後に「湘南ロッキー会」を結成し、親睦を深めました。

Thirteen Fujisawa citizens visited Windsor and Canadian Rockies in May 1989.  After came back home, they organized a group "Shonan Rockies" and promoted friendship among members.


  Exchange student group from Windsor visited Fujisawa in July 1989.

 11月 28日 湘南日加友好協会設立総会

A general meeting to establish "The Japan Canada Society of Windsor" was held on November 28,  1989. The base of the Society was the group "Shonan Rockies" and at the meeting, 79 representatives of Fujisawa, Kamakura, Chigasaki and Samukawa were attended.


1990年 (平成2年)

 5月 議会および市民訪問団派遣

 7月 学生交換交流代表団派遣
Dispatched a group of Counsillors and citizens in May and exchange students in July 1990


 10月  藤沢市市制50周年記念式典にウィンザー市議、市民団来藤。
 Counsillors and citizens in Windsor attended the ceremony of Fujisawa city's 50th anniversary of it's municipalization.


1991年 (平成3年)

 8月  ウィンザー市女子学生バスケットボールチーム来藤。
         Girl student basket ball team in Windsor visited Fujisawa in August 1991


1992年 (平成4年)  姉妹都市提携5周年、ウィンザー市制100周年

The year 1992 was the 5th anniversary of twin city and the 100th anniversary of the City of Windsor of it's municipalization.


Dispatched a group of Counsillors and citizens in Windsor in May/June 1992 and planted cherry blossom tree in front of City Hall.
      写真は1995年撮影   The photo was taken in 1995.



Girl student basket ball team and chorus group of Fujisawa visited Windsor in August 1992.


A chair person of International Committee and others in Windsor visited Fujisawa in September 1992.


1993年 (平成5年)


Windsor citizen ballet group (26 members) visited Fujisawa and a joint public performance was held.

1994年 (平成6年)

  6月28日 − 7月3日



Mrs. Beppu, vice president of the Society and other members visited Windsor and participated in the Canada Day Parade with members of "The Canada Japan Society of Windsor" (CJSW).  They received the second prize among non-commercial groups.

1995年 (平成7年)


Pictures drawn by primary school students in Fujisawa were displayed at "Japan Village" held in Windsor.


1997年 (平成9年)  姉妹都市提携10周年   The year 1997 was the 10th anniversary of twin city.

  6月28日    藤沢庭園建設予定地で植樹祭  Planting ceremony at future "Fujisawa Garden" site.




Photo shows Mr. Yamamoto, Mayor of Fujisawa
and Mrs. Midori Kalle, president of CJSW.




Visitors from Fujisawa participated in the Canada Day Parade with members of  CJSW and they received the first prize among non-commercial groups.



ウィンザー市公式訪問団受け入れ(ビル・マーラ議員ほか4名)                             City counsillor, Mr. Bill Marra, and other 4 official visitors from Windsor visited Fujisawa.at the end of July.

 7月31日 − 8月11日

バスケットボールチーム来藤(選手18名、引率保護者16名)。                              Basket ball team (18 players) and coach & parents (16 persons) visited Fujisawa from July 31st to August 11th.

1998年 (平成10年)


Basket ball Society in Fujisawa visited Windsor in August 1998.

1999年 (平成11年)

250 seedlings of rose were presented by Windsor in November 1999. They were planted at Nagakubo Park and Rose Park of College Bioresources, Sciences, Nihon University, etc. in November.

2000年 (平成12年)


ミレニアム記念カナダディに藤沢市公式訪問団 (栗原議長ほか4名)派遣。               Mr. Y.Kurihara, chairparson of municipal assembly, and other 4 persons were officially dispatched to Windsor to commemorate the Millennium Canada Day.

2002年 (平成14年)

  6月30日(土)−7月8日(月) 姉妹都市提携15周年   The year 2002 was the 15th anniversary of twin city.

姉妹都市提携15周年記念事業として、藤沢市から山本市長を含む公式訪問団5名、市民訪問団14名がウィンザーを訪問し、カナダディ パレードを見学、ウィンザー加日協会会員との交流をおこないました。
As a memorial event of 15 years anniversary for the twin city, total 15 persons from Fujisawa 5 city officers (including Mayor Yamamoto) and 14 citizens visited Windsor.  They enjoyed themselves observing Canada Day Parade with members of CJSW.

写真はウィンザー市内のゲートウエイ公園の一角に建てられた「藤沢庭園」の看板(左下)と石碑(右下)。 石碑に書かれた内容は次のとおりです。



 Picture shows a signboard and monument of "Fujisawa Garden" in Gateway Park of Windsor . On the monument,  they wrote;

 This Japanese Flowering Cherry is one of 60 Sakura trees presented tothe City of Windsor Fujisawa Garden as a gift from The Sakura Committee on behalf of the many generous donors to the Sakura project planted by the chair Takashi KOEZUKA Consul General of Japan in Toronto and this Worship Michael D. HURST Mayor of the City of Windsor as a SYMBOL OF FRIENDSHIP AND GOODWILL BETWEEN JAPAN AND CANADA April 26, 2002




City counsillor, president of CJSW and other 2 visitors from Windsor visited Fujisawa.

写真: 山本市長の左隣がウィンザー加日協会の

Left lady of Mayor Yamamoto is Mrs. Midori Kalle,
president of CJSW.


 2003年 (平成15年)   


ウィンザー市よりバラの苗木200株が贈られ、4月にオープン予定のサムエル・コッキング苑に植栽されました。 200 seedlings of rose were presented by Windsor in March and planted at Samuel Cocking Garden which would be opened to public next month.



江の島サムエル・コッキング苑がオープンし、苑内にウィンザー広場完成。 ウィンザー市
Opening ceremony of Samuel Cocking Garden at Enoshima was held.  Inside of the garden, Windsor Square was constructed and Mr. Lloid Burridge, Directer, Park and Rec. of Windsor attended the ceremony.